Stories in the Sand – TABLE OF CONTENTS


Foreword by Harold Gilliam 

Chapter 1: The Great Sand Bank

Chapter 2: The Outside Lands Become Part of San Francisco    

Chapter 3: Creating Golden Gate Park  

Chapter 4: The Sunset Meets the Twentieth Century,


Chapter 5: Home Builders Cover the Dunes, 1920s–1940s   

Chapter 6: Pioneers Inhabit the Dunes, 1930s–1950s   

Chapter 7: Getting from Here to There:

Transportation in the Sunset

Chapter 8: Restrictive Covenants: Exclusion and Inclusion   

Chapter 9: Notable People (in-depth profiles of Carl Larsen, Alice Marble, Ray Schiller, and Josephine Cole, plus short paragraphs on other notable Sunset residents)

Chapter 10: Notable Places (landmarks and other interesting Sunset places)



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