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Also see west-side SF history books by Lorri Ungaretti.

Why Is That Bridge Orange?

San Francisco for the Curious

by Art Peterson


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Season of the Witch:

Enchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of Love

by David Talbot


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This Date in San Francisco:

365 Days in the History of Our Fascinating Beloved City

by John C. Ralston


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San Francisco's Streetcar Suburb

by Woody LaBounty


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When the Water Came Up to Montgomery Street:

San Francisco During the Gold Rush

by Charles Fracchia


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Ingleside Terraces:

San Francisco Racetrack to Residence Park

by Woody LaBounty


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San Francisco Giants

 by Tricia O'Brien


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San Francisco's West Portal Neighborhoods

by Richard Brandi


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Bay Area Beauty: 

The Artistry of Harold G. Stoner, Architect

by Jacquie Proctor


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